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Everybody Loves Raymond. Even though it has been off the air for almost eight years, we can still love it. Please enjoy this page, and add more knowledge if you wish!

What's It About?Edit

The story is based around Ray Barone , who lives in Long Island, New York, and has a coloum for New York's Newsday. Ray seems to have it all. A great family, great house, and just about everything else. Unfortunatley, his parents live right across the street, and his brother lives with them. His mother, Marie Barone, is obsessed with everything being neat and orderly, while his father Frank lives like a pig. He also has a brother Robert, a cop for the NYPD.

Everybody Loves Raymond
Genre Sitcom
Created by Philip Rosenthal
Starring Ray Romano

Patricia Heaton Brad Garrett Doris Roberts Peter Boyle Madylin Sweeten Monica Horan Sawyer Sweeten Sullivan Sweeten

Opening theme "Everybody Loves Raymond Theme" (seasons 1–2)

"Ode To Joy" (seasons 3–5) "Drunken Sailor" (season 6) "Jungle Love" (seasons 7–9)

Composer(s) Rick Marotta
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 9
No. of episodes 210 (List of episodes)
Location(s) Warner Bros. Studios

Burbank, California

Running time 22–23 minutes
Productioncompany(s) Where's Lunch

Worldwide Pants Incorporated King World Productions HBO

Distributor Warner Bros. Television Distribution

CBS Television Distribution(2007–present) King World Productions(2000–2007)

Original channel CBS
Picture format 480i4:3 (SDTV) (seasons 1–3)

1080i16:9 (HDTV) (seasons 1–9)

Audio format Dolby Surround 2.0
Original run September 13, 1996 – May 16, 2005 

Meet The FamilyEdit

  Raymond "Ray" Barone  (portrayed by Ray Romano ) is an Italian - American married to his wife, Debra, and father of Ally, Michael, and Geoffrey Barone. Ray has been shown to be a pessimist, as he rarely sees the good in things. He is whiny, irresponsible, and lazy, all to Debra's complaint. He is also considered as a "momma's boy," because he always sticks up for his mother.

Debra Barone (portrayed by Patricia Heaton )  is wife of Ray and mother to Ally, Michael, and Geoffry. Debra is constantly upset about Marie and Frank barging in, and Ray doing nothing about it except standing up for them. She is not a good cook, and does not really like Marie, who critisizes Debra (sometimes intentionally and sometimes not) whenever she can.

Robert Barone (portrayed by Brad Garrettis brother of Ramond and wife of Amy Macdougal (seasons 7 - 9). Robert has been shown to have many quirks, the biggest being him touching food to his chin before eating it. He has an ex - wife Joanne Glotz (portrayed by Suzie Plakson ), a dancer in Atlantic City. Robert has lived with his parents for most of the series, and him and Amy live there in the finale episode too.

Marie Barone (portrayed by Doris Robertsis played as the main antagonist in the series, constantly nagging many characters, mainly Frank. She is a great cook, although overbearing. According to Pat she is a narcissist. She is also intruisive. Marie has driven a car through Ray's house, as seen in the episode Wallpaper .

Frank Barone (portrayed by Peter Boyleis the wife of Marie and father of Ray and Robert. He is a war veteran of the Korean War, and always brings it up to the family. Frank is seen as tough, but also has a soft side that is rarely seen.

List of EpisodesEdit

Here are all the episodes from all the seasons.

Season Episodes Originally aired DVD release
Region 1 Region 2 Region 3
1 22 19961997 September 14, 2004 January 17, 2005 December 16, 2004
2 25 19971998 December 14, 2004 July 4, 2005 April 27, 2005
3 26 19981999 May 3, 2005 January 16, 2006 July 12, 2005
4 24 19992000 September 13, 2005 May 1, 2006 April 5, 2006
5 25 20002001 December 6, 2005 July 3, 2006 July 5, 2006
6 24 20012002 May 9, 2006 October 2, 2006 October 4, 2006
7 25 20022003 September 19, 2006 January 15, 2007 April 4, 2007
8 23 20032004 May 8, 2007 July 16, 2007 October 3, 2007
9 16 20042005 September 18, 2007 November 12, 2007 October 3, 2007

[edit]Season 1 (1996/97)Edit

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Title Directed by Written by Original airdate Prod. code
1 1 "Pilot" Michael Lembeck Philip Rosenthal September 13, 1996 9601
Debra is upset with Ray's family's invasive behavior. The Barones live across the street and have the habit of bursting in unannounced. When Debra wants to be alone on her birthday, and Ray's family wants to have a party, he tries to come up with a plan to make everyone happy, but ends up making a mess of it all. 
2 2 "I Love You" Paul Lazarus Philip Rosenthal September 20, 1996 9602
During dinner with their friends, Bernie and Linda, they witness public display of affection. Later Debra is dying to know why Ray can't do the same for her as he doesn't even say, "I Love You" anymore. Ray involves his parents and gets everyone upset. 
3 3 "I Wish I Were Gus" Paul Lazarus Kathy Ann Stumpe September 27, 1996 9604
When a family member on Ray's side dies it becomes Ray's job to give the eulogy at the funeral ceremony. Marie is shocked to discover her alienated sister, Alda (played by Jean Stapleton), is coming to the funeral. Marie and Alda have a huge fight during the funeral about Ray's wedding and it's up to Ray to patch them up. 
4 4 "Standard Deviation" Jeff Meyer Steve Skrovan October 4, 1996 9605
Robert wants Ray and Debra to take an IQ test as part of a police assignment. Ray becomes neurotic when he discovers Debra is smarter than he is. But Ray and Debra's moods change when they discover that Ray was the one who scored the highest. Later Robert reveals that he was just playing with their self-image for a class of his. 
5 5 "Look, Don't Touch" Jeff Meyer Lew Schneider October 11, 1996 9606

Ray is attracted to a waitress at Nemo's and Debra finds out about the so-called "attraction" after Ray accidentally leaves his wallet at the restaurant. She then drags the whole family to Nemo's to meet the waitress.

Note: When Ray describes Debra when he first met her, he says it was raining and she has lighter, curly and short hair. She says, "No." Actually she has curls in her hair when they first met, in the episode "How They Met" 

6 6 "Frank, the Writer" Paul Lazarus Tucker Cawley October 18, 1996 9603

Frank begins to consider himself a writer after the Reader's Digest publishes one of his funny stories in the "Humor in Uniform" section. He writes his own column and asks Ray to give it to his editor.

Note: Frank mentions his retirement. Later it is revealed that he was in fact fired from his last job. Marie mentions that she wants to learn French; she actually does that later. 

7 7 "Your Place or Mine?" Howard Storm Jeremy Stevens October 25, 1996 9607
Ray is babied again when his mother Marie, moves in with them after a fight with Frank. Debra, however, upset about the idea of Marie moving in, decides to spend time with Frank. 
8 8 "In-Laws" Alan Kirschenbaum Philip Rosenthal November 1, 1996 9608
Debra's parents visit for a weekend. The Barones and the Whelans are complete opposites in everything and when they try to have dinner together in a fancy restaurant, it turns into a complete disaster. 
9 9 "Win, Lose or Draw" Alan Kirschenbaum Teleplay: Kathy Ann Stumpe

Story: Stephen Nathan & Kathy Ann Stumpe

November 8, 1996 9609
As soon as Debra finds out that Ray lost $2300 to his father while playing poker at Nemo's with Frank's lodge buddies, she and Marie team up to get the money returned. 
10 10 "Turkey or Fish" Michael Lembeck Tucker Cawley November 22, 1996 9611
Debra wants to start her own Thanksgiving tradition by serving fish instead of turkey. Marie is upset that she is doing this on her year. Debra tries her best to make sure that the meal is a huge success when she discovers that Marie is rooting for her failure, and inviting more guests to witness it. When Ray puts the fish in the dishwasher and Marie brings her own turkey, Debra loses her cool. 
11 11 "Captain Nemo" Michael Lembeck Lew Schneider & Steve Skrovan December 13, 1996 9610
When Nemo's basketball team performs badly in the Pizza League, the other players elect Robert as their captain. When Robert leaves him out of the second half, Ray is disappointed and jealous. Debra suggests giving up the team and spending time with the family, and Ray agrees. Robert bosses the team around and they kick him out. Ray becomes their new captain and misses a day out with Debra and the kids. Eventually, Ray quits and Robert joins the opposing team and wins the game for them. 
12 12 "The Ball" Jeff Meyer Bruce Kirschbaum December 20, 1996 9613

When Ray confronts Frank about a baseball signed by Mickey Mantle, Frank admits that it is a fake and that he signed it himself. Ray is very hurt and decides never to lie to his kids. His resolution is put to test when Ally asks about Santa Claus. Ray starts to question his beliefs and talks to Frank about it.

Note: Robert mentions that he got a ball signed by Art Shamsky. Its later mentioned that Robert had a dog Shamsky and he also names his new dog, Shamsky II. Patricia Heaton's pregnancy is prominently visible starting with this episode. 

13 13 "Debra's Sick" Michael Lembeck Stephen Nathan January 3, 1997 9612
Debra, Ally and Michael are sick, and Ray has to take to kids to the doctor. He has a meeting with Terry Bradshaw that he cannot avoid, so he tries to do the interview at the pediatrician's office. There he discovers that he brought Geoffrey to the doctor instead of Michael. Marie drops in to take care of Debra, but instead gets on her nerves. Frank and Robert follows her and make it worse for Debra. But in the end, she appreciates all the help. 
14 14 "Who's Handsome?" Howard Storm Carol Gary January 17, 1997 9614

When Debra's friend Amy contributes to Robert's Police Welfare Fund, she and Robert hit it off. When Robert is unsure about going on a date, Debra mentions that he is the most handsome Barone she has met. Ray becomes very insecure about this comment and becomes obsessed with his appearance. Robert begins dating Amy. When Marie agrees with Debra, Ray gets a spray-on tan and a new hairstyle.

Note: In this episode it is mentioned for the first time that Robert is divorced and his wife left him for a man he arrested. Later, in the episode "Robert's Divorce", it is shown that Marie threw his wife out of the house because of her behavior towards Robert. This is also the first appearance of Amy. 

15 15 "The Car" Howard Storm Lew Schneider January 31, 1997 9615
After buying the Plymouth Valiant from his father for $462.25, Ray gives the car to Debra. She complains about all the problems with the car and asks him to return it. Later she discovers that Ray wants to keep the car because it's the car in which he first got "lucky". 
16 16 "Diamonds" Michael Lembeck Kathy Ann Stumpe February 7, 1997 9617
Ray is shocked to learn that the engagement ring he bought for Debra, with Frank's help, is fake. He comes up with schemes to exchange the ring with a new one. He succeeds and throws out the fake ring. But the tables are turned when Debra announces she had already changed it when she realized it was cheap, replacing the stone with a $15,000.00 gem from one of her ancestors. Amy gets Robert a tie with guns for Valentine's Day and he gets her a unique Valentine's Day gift, a Iguana because her favorite color is green. 
17 17 "The Game" Jeff Meyer Tucker Cawley February 21, 1997 9616

When the cable goes out, Frank, Marie and Robert come barging into Ray and Debra's house, but their TV service is dead too. The guys all freak out and decide to rent a movie. The women suggest a game and pick up Scruples. Marie gets upset over an "adult diaper" question from Debra's card. Robert challenges Ray's answer about not stealing an umbrella and mentions a childhood story when Ray took his shoes. It's later revealed that Frank took them. Marie makes up a question about her moving in with Ray and Debra after Frank dies. Ray agrees to it and Debra is upset that he did not consult her. Everyone starts fighting, but it stops when the cable repair guy comes in and fines them for having an illegal splitter running Ray's cable signal to Frank's house.

Note: The actor that plays the cable guy is (Jon Manfrellotti). Later on for the entire show's series (Jon Manfrellotti) will play the roll of Ray's good friend Gianni....The two rolls are not connected It is asumed the producers enjoyed his performance as the cable guy and offered him the Gianni roll at a later date. 

18 18 "Recovering Pessimist" Jeff Meyer Steve Skrovan February 28, 1997 9618

Robert wins a Perfect Attendance Medal, but Ray's Sports Writer of the Year nomination overshadows it. Ray refuses to enjoy it because he is scared of losing and doesn't want to raise his expectations. Ray wins, but is still sad. Debra then points out that Ray is a pessimist and proves it. He promises to be more optimistic. He tries to enjoy the promotion that came from the award, but his parents are not helpful. The promotion leads to coverage of a dog-sledge ride in Alaska in extreme temperatures. His pessimism returns and he is truly happy. Katarina Witt and Marv Albert make cameo appearances as themselves, attending the banquet where Ray wins his award.

Note: One of the Sports Writer of the Year Nominees is Chuck Heaton of The Plain Dealer (ClevelandOhio). Heaton is the Father of Patricia Heaton

19 19 "The Dog" Rod Daniel Bruce Kirschbaum March 3, 1997 9619
A bulldog follows Ray home and he decides to keep it. After Debra's objection he gives it to Robert, because Robert had a bulldog named Shamsky when they were young and Robert had to give him up because of Ray's allergies. Robert gets very attached to the bulldog and calls him Shamsky II. When the owner comes looking for her pet, Robert is shattered. When the owner sees that Shamsky II has been fixed, she forces Ray to buy it for $2000. 
20 20 "Neighbors" Jeff Meyer Jeremy Stevens March 10, 1997 9620
Ray presents Frank with a big book of hobbies to keep him from disturbing them, but it backfires. Frank starts disturbing the entire neighborhood with the buzz saw, car alarm, etc. The neighbors come to Ray and Debra's house to discuss the issues and Marie walks into it. They get very upset and Ray feels guilty. Frank and Marie have a small party for the neighbors and patch things up. Ray still feels guilty and goes to the church. When the priest learns that Ray is Frank's and Marie's son, he absolves him immediately. 
21 21 "Fascinatin' Debra" Jeff Meyer Teleplay: Jeremy Stevens & Tucker Cawley

Story: Kathy Ann Stumpe & Lew Schneider

March 17, 1997 9621

Dr. Nora, a phone shrink, comes to interview Debra for a book she's writing. Debra tries hard to make a good impression when the Barone family interrupts and, to her dismay, Dr. Nora finds them more interesting. When she confides in Ray that she feels left out, Debra realizes that she is boring and normal with no weird quirks. The whole family tries to prove that she is not so. Later Ray concludes that she must be a weirdo to have knowingly married into the Barone family.

Guest Appearance:Mary Kay Adams as Dr. Nora 

22 22 "Why Are We Here?" Jeff Meyer Ray Romano & Tom Paris April 7, 1997 9622
Debra and Ray think about the time when Debra was pregnant with the twins. The flashback shows them in their old apartment and looking for a new house. Although Ray warns her about his parents, Debra wants to buy a house near Frank and Marie. In the present, Debra is regretting not listening to Ray. 

[edit]Season 2 (1997/98)Edit

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Title Directed by Written by Original airdate Prod. code
23 1 "Ray's on TV" Michael Lessac Tucker Cawley September 22, 1997 9701
Ray is invited to give his views on live TV and he is asked about his article on Steroids, which does not go very well. His family is excited and they all watch it together. They all initially appreciate him. When he is called on the show again, the family gives him an honest feedback, which makes Ray very conscious on TV. 
24 2 "Father Knows Least" Michael Lessac Lew Schneider September 29, 1997 9702
Ally is having trouble listening and is becoming very stubborn. So Ray and Debra take a parenting class. Debra finds it difficult to use the active listening technique on Ally, but Ray is able. He succeeds when he tries it on Marie and Frank and also on Ally. 
25 3 "Brother" Michael Lessac Jeremy Stevens October 6, 1997 9703
Robert is feeling lonely on the anniversary of his divorce. Frank and Marie suggest to Ray that he take Robert out to get his mind off it. It turns out to be a good night, until Robert finds out why it happened. Later Ray tells him that he actually loved spending time with him and they make up. 
26 4 "Mozart" Ellen Gittelsohn Philip Rosenthal October 13, 1997 9705
Ally decides to quit her piano lessons and to encourage her not to, Ray asks Marie to give him some piano lessons so he can play something for Ally. Marie and Ray bond over the lessons and Robert decides to take up drumming again. 
27 5 "Golf" Ellen Gittelsohn Ray Romano & Tom Caltabiano & Kevin James October 20, 1997 9704
Ray tricks Debra into letting him play golf, and it gives him an anxiety attack. He is not completely honest with the doctor and he recommends more golf to relax him. Even though Debra is not pleased, she lets him rest and play golf. Later when Ray confesses, Debra gets very mad. 
28 6 "Anniversary" Ellen Gittelsohn Kathy Ann Stumpe October 27, 1997 9706
Frank and Marie have a fight on their anniversary and accidentally let Ray know that they separated for a year while he was young. Then they got back together again when Ray broke his arm in an accident caused by Robert, which bothers Ray, who thinks that he ruined his parents’ life by keeping them together. 
29 7 "Working Late Again" Will Mackenzie Ellen Sandler & Cindy Chupack November 3, 1997 9707
Debra becomes upset with Ray because he is always late coming home from work. When Debra catches him having pizza and playing at work, he reluctantly decides to work from home. At home, he starts to mess the house and Frank and Robert come over a lot more, Debra asks him to go back to the office. 
30 8 "The Children's Book" Will Mackenzie Steve Skrovan November 10, 1997 9708
Ray and Debra decide to write a children's book together, but due to creative differences, they do so separately. Ally chooses Ray's story over Debra's, which leads Debra to learn to never ask Ray for help if she ever wants to get something done. 
31 9 "The Gift" Will Mackenzie Ellen Sandler & Cindy Chupack November 17, 1997 9709
Ray forgets to buy Frank a birthday present, so he decides to get him an aquarium (which tops Robert's present of a television remote holder). Frank is thrilled initially with the gift, but soon changes his mind after one of the fish dies. Debra thinks that that it's because it reminds Frank of his own death, but Ray later realizes that it was because of the cost of the fish and the aquarium. 
32 10 "High School" Gary Halvorson Lew Schneider November 24, 1997 9710

Debra goes with Ray to his high school reunion. She has a great time with the popular kids, but Ray just sulks. Back at home, Ray reveals that he was never popular in school, unlike Robert.

Note: This episode retcons a crossover with The Nanny, where Ray appears in-character at a different high school reunion and was said to be popular. 

33 11 "The Letter" Gary Halvorson Kathy Ann Stumpe December 8, 1997 9711
After Marie ruins her Tupperware party, Debra decides to write Marie a letter telling her how she makes her feel. Frank reads the letter aloud in front of everyone. Later Marie and Debra bring everything out in the open and reconcile. 
34 12 "All I Want for Christmas" Jeff Meyer Steve Skrovan December 15, 1997 9713
Ray wants to be romantic with Debra around Christmas time. For a change Debra feels the same way. The family then walks in and ruins the moment. Later Ray suggests to Frank that they take the kids over to their place and everybody starts teasing them. 
35 13 "Civil War" Gary Halvorson Tucker Cawley January 5, 1998 9712
Ray gets involved in a re-enactment of the Civil War because he feels that Frank asked Robert and not him. He then finds out that Robert volunteered and because of late enrolment, he is on a different team than Frank and Robert. On the other hand, Debra wants him to come to a baby shower. 
36 14 "Mia Famiglia" Brian K. Roberts Ellen Sandler & Cindy Chupack January 12, 1998 9714
Ally and Ray write a letter to one of Ray's distant relatives in Italy. Soon, this relative shows up at the Barones' front door. She brings warmth and togetherness to the family until a problem arises – she isn't really their relative. 
37 15 "Marie's Meatballs" Brian K. Roberts Susan Van Allen January 19, 1998 9715
Debra wants to learn how to make meatballs the way Marie does. Marie teaches Debra, but secretly sabotages her ingredients setting Debra up for failure. When confronted by Ray, Marie admits to doing it in order to make sure everything "stays right". However, Marie apologizes and passes her recipes on to Debra. 
38 16 "The Checkbook" John Fortenberry Tom Caltabiano February 2, 1998 9716
When Ray is unappreciative of Debra's efforts to maintain a proper checkbook and plan a budget, she asks him to take care of it. He ends up bouncing some important checks and the power is cut-off. He tries to borrow money from Robert and lies to him that Debra has spending issues. When he tries to rectify his mistakes with a fake checkbook and trying to put money in the bank before Debra realizes the situation, he is caught. Debra then takes over the house finance again. 
39 17 "The Ride-Along" John Fortenberry Jeremy Stevens February 23, 1998 9717
Ray gets more than he bargained for when he accompanies Robert on a "Citizen's Ride-Along" to get a glimpse of what a typical police shift entails – he witnesses Robert halt a robbery at Nemo's. Determined to give Robert recognition, he has his newspaper write a story about it, but things don't go as planned. 
40 18 "The Family Bed" Steve Zuckerman Steve Skrovan March 2, 1998 9718
Ally is having trouble sleeping in her own room, much to Ray's dismay. Eventually, he turns to his mother for help, with disastrous (and comedic) results. Finally the entire family ends up in the same bed. 
41 19 "Good Girls" Joyce Gittlin Tucker Cawley March 9, 1998 9719
Marie reveals why she likes Amy so much – she's still a "good girl". During a family dinner party, it is revealed that Marie and Frank engaged in pre-marital relations and were married early due to her pregnancy with Robert, showing Marie to have been not so good after all. 
42 20 "T-Ball" Jeff Melman Lew Schneider April 6, 1998 9720
Ally is involved in T-Ball and Debra tangles with the chairperson of the event about approved snacks, and expects Ray to support her. Ray, however, complies with the demands of the snacks and attempts to keep it from Debra, failing miserably. 
43 21 "Traffic School" John Fortenberry Kathy Ann Stumpe April 20, 1998 9721
Robert teaches traffic school to earn some extra cash, but the students disliked his lessons, so he practices his teaching routine on his family. The initial lesson doesn't go over very well, so Robert attempts to lighten the mood with ventriloquism. Using the dummy, Robert brings out some of his earlier unsaid feelings about Frank, Marie and Ray. 
44 22 "Six Feet Under" Jeff Melman Cindy Chupack & Steve Skrovan & Tom Caltabiano April 27, 1998 9722
Ray believes that he is shrinking, and immediately believes he's going through a mid-life crisis. He panics and vastly over-analyses the situation, and starts planning his death. Debra then points out that she has already gone though it and planning death is not a solution. 
45 23 "The Garage Sale" Jeff Melman Ellen Sandler & Jeremy Stevens & Lew Schneider & Tucker Cawley May 4, 1998 9723
Frank holds a garage sale to clear out his basement. Ray and Debra help out, but it appears that Ray isn't quite ready to give away the baby clothes and crib, as he isn't sure that he wants to be done having children. 
46 24 "The Wedding: Part I" Jeff Melman Ray Romano & Philip Rosenthal May 11, 1998 9724

Flashback to Ray and Debra's wedding. Ray indirectly proposes to Debra, who happily accepts. Ray, however, begins to wonder if Debra really loves him and if she's marrying him only to have a fancy wedding.

Note: Its mentioned in this episode that Debra's sister had a very fancy wedding. Also Debra shows the engagement ring to her mother right away. In the episode "Diamonds", Debra says that she changed the diamond because she did not want to show her mother that cheap stone. 

47 25 "The Wedding: Part II" Jeff Melman Ray Romano & Philip Rosenthal May 18, 1998 9725

When Ray and Debra meet the church father for pre-marital counselling, Ray appears to be getting cold feet. Debra yells at him and leaves. At the wedding, Frank attempts to take some of the pressure off of Ray by encouraging him to drink whiskey before the ceremony. Ray is too jubilant throughout the wedding. When Debra thinks he is drunk, he reveals that he never had any whiskey and that he is really very happy.

Note: In this episode, Father Hubley meets Ray for the first time after the engagement. In "Neighbors", "The First Time", etc. Father Hubley seems to know the Barones for a long time and is introduced to Debra after she starts dating Ray. 

[edit]Season 3 (1998/99)Edit

No. in


No. in


Title Directed by Written by Original airdate Prod. code
48 1 "The Invasion" Will Mackenzie Ellen Sandler September 21, 1998 9801
When Ray and Debra's house is fumigated for termites, they move in with Frank and Marie. However, when Marie informs Ray that Debra is being intrusive, Debra decides to show how real intrusive she can be and encourages Ray to join her, to teach them a lesson. Debra cooks her own meals and spoils Marie's. She hides away the remote. Ray breaks the fridge door. But their plan backfires. 
49 2 "Driving Frank" Will Mackenzie Cindy Chupack September 28, 1998 9802

After Frank has another car accident, Robert gives him a ticket, which leads Debra to be worried about Frank driving the kids. Ray and Debra then find out that Frank's driving license expired. Ray takes Frank for his test and to Ray's astonishment he passes. Debra then reminds him that he is getting old and they can't trust their kids with him anymore. Eventually Frank realizes this himself.

Note: Patria Heaton's pregnancy is visible starting this episode. 

50 3 "The Sitter" Will Mackenzie Lew Schneider October 5, 1998 9803

Ray and Debra hire a baby sitter, much to Marie's shock and disappointment. At first Ray and Debra think it's a good idea because they are able to spend more time with each other, but when the kids favour her more than Debra, Debra decides to give her up and leave the babysitting jobs to Marie. Marie gets hurt during sitting and Ray tries to get Lisa back, but the Parkers have already hired her.

Note: First appearance of Bill and Carrie Parker. 

51 4 "Getting Even" Steve Zuckerman Steve Skrovan October 12, 1998 9804
When Ray embarrasses Debra at a school fundraiser, Debra feels humiliated. When Ray asks her to stop feeling that way, she tells him that she would get back at him. For the next few days Ray becomes very neurotic and finally Debra tells him that she didn't do anything, and just let him imagine everything. 
52 5 "The Visit" Richard Marion Susan Van Allen October 19, 1998 9805
Debra's mother comes to visit, but she seems very detached. When Marie is very helpful during dinner, Debra blurts out that she wants her mother to be more like Marie. This delights Marie and shocks Lois. Ray tries his best to be nice to Lois. 
53 6 "Halloween Candy" Steve Zuckerman Steve Skrovan October 26, 1998 9806
Debra pressures Ray into getting a vasectomy, but Ray has another idea. He buys multicolour condoms and leaves it in the kitchen shelf. They leave Frank alone at the house to give out candy, while they take the kids out for Trick or Treat. When he runs out he gives out the coloured condoms by mistake, which embarrasses Ray and Debra. 
54 7 "Moving Out" Will Mackenzie Tucker Cawley November 2, 1998 9807

When Robert is unable to get any privacy with Amy, he decides to move out. He finds a place above an old couple's garage. When Ray visits him he sees the striking similarity they have with Frank and Marie. He points it out to Robert who then decides to find a new place. Meanwhile, Marie is spending all her time at Ray's place and it drives Debra crazy.

Note: The Stipes appear again in Season 4. 

55 8 "The Article" Will Mackenzie Tom Caltabiano November 9, 1998 9808
Andy asks for Ray's feedback on a article he wrote. When Ray gives his comments, Andy is devastated. But when Sports Illustrated publishes the article without any changes, Ray is jealous because he could not get into Sports Illustrated himself. Debra then points out to Ray that he is very self-cantered. Robert, Marie and Frank also agree with her. 
56 9 "The Lone Barone" Will Mackenzie Tom Caltabiano & Jeremy Stevens November 16, 1998 9809
When Amy starts decorating Robert's new place he feels pressured to move forward in his relationship. When he comes to Ray for advice, his comments on marriage do not help his fears. When Robert breaks up with Amy, Marie and Debra blame Ray. When Ray tries to fix the issue, Robert clarifies that it was his own decision and Ray is not responsible for the break-up. 
57 10 "No Fat" Steve Zuckerman Ellen Sandler & Susan Van Allen November 23, 1998 9810
When Marie's cholesterol is close to the danger zone, she decides to cook a fat free Thanksgiving dinner (This includes a tofu turkey). Debra convinces the family to be supportive, but when Ray orders a real Thanksgiving meal from a restaurant, all pounce on it. In the end, Marie also joins them. 
58 11 "The Apartment" Steve Zuckerman Kathy Ann Stumpe December 7, 1998 9811
Ray is jealous of Robert's new apartment, where there is hot tub and lots of pretty girls. Ray starts visiting Robert often and lies to Debra that Robert is lonely and wants his company. When Marie, Frank and Debra drop by, they realize the truth. Meanwhile, Frank turns Robert's old room into a lounge and installs a hot tub. 
59 12 "The Toaster" Steve Zuckerman Philip Rosenthal December 14, 1998 9812
Ray finally gets a gift (an engraved toaster) he thinks everyone will love. Everyone but his parents likes it. When Ray discovers that Frank and Marie have returned it without even looking at it, he feels bad. Marie then tries to get back the toaster Ray gave them, with disastrous results. 
60 13 "Ping Pong" Will Mackenzie Aaron Shure January 11, 1999 9814

Ray discovers that Frank had let him win once in Ping Pong, which Ray wasn't aware of. To prove that Ray can play Ping Pong better than Frank, he challenges him. They get into a match and Frank keeps beating and teasing him. When Frank wins, Ray tells him that he let him win. This makes Frank mad and he finally admits that Ray had actually beaten him.

Note: Patricia Heaton who plays the character of (Debra Barone) appears minimally in this episode due to her pregnancy. 

61 14 "Pants on Fire" Will Mackenzie Tucker Cawley January 18, 1999 9813

When Ray retrieves a beer bottle cap from the heat vent, he confesses to a party he had 20 years ago when Marie and Frank were out of town. Marie gets mad and refuses to even give him his birth-minute kiss. She starts to favour Robert and Frank starts to bond with Ray. When Robert asks if Marie would be as mad if he had a party, she just assumes that Ray was covering-up for Robert, refusing to hear otherwise and forgives Ray.

Note: Patricia Heaton appears minimally in this episode due to her pregnancy. 

62 15 "Robert's Date" Will Mackenzie Jeremy Stevens February 1, 1999 9815

When Robert's partner, Judy confronts him about his plans for the night, he reveals that he has none. She takes him out dancing and he likes it. He goes overboard to fit into her group of friends. When she tries to tell him about it, he thinks that she has started to like him. He takes Ray along to ruin the evening. Meanwhile, Marie thinks that they are dating and tries not to freak out.

Note: Patricia Heaton appears minimally in this episode due to her pregnancy. 

63 16 "Frank's Tribute" Will Mackenzie Eric Cohen February 8, 1999 9816

When Frank wins "Man of the Year" at his lodge, Robert and Ray are asked to make a video about him. When none of his friends have anything nice to say, they ask them about chocolate and then edit it out. When Frank sees it, he is disappointed that his lodge buddy did not say anything nice about him, and shows his anger at Ray and Robert instead. Frank and Marie give a tribute to each other.

Note: Patricia Heaton appears minimally in this episode due to her pregnancy. 

64 17 "Cruising with Marie" Richard Marion Steve Skrovan & Susan Van Allen February 15, 1999 9817

When Frank "hurts" his knee, Ray is stuck with going on a cruise with Marie. He keeps eating at all the buffets and Marie gets close to a group of widows. The cruise manager thinks that Ray and Marie are a married couple. Back at home, Frank reveals to Robert that he fakes the injury. Then Frank actually gets hurt and Robert is forced to look after him.

Note: Patricia Heaton (Debra Barone) does not appear in this episode due to her maternity leave. The only episode she is not in within the entire show. 

65 18 "Ray Home Alone" Steve Zuckerman Tom Caltabiano & Tucker Cawley & Ray Romano February 22, 1999 9818

Debra and the kids leave for the weekend to visit their other grandparents. After his friends leave, Ray finds it difficult to sleep in an empty house, so he goes to Robert's apartment and intrudes on his date. After Robert sends him away, he goes to his parent's place, where he finds Robert. They re-live some of the childhood fears with Marie and Frank.

Note: Patricia Heaton appears minimally in this episode due to her maternity leave. 

66 19 "Big Shots" Steve Zuckerman Jason Gelles & Mike Haukom March 1, 1999 9819

In order to impress Robert at the Baseball Hall of Fame, Ray tries to use his status as a sports writer to jump to the front of the line to meet the 1969 Mets. Robert wants to wait in the line, but Ray insists on cutting the line. They end up missing the event and Robert does not get the autograph of Art Shampsky in Shampsky II's dog collar. On the journey back, when Ray is pulled over for speeding, Robert tries to bail him out, but fails.

Note: Patricia Heaton appears minimally in this episode due to her maternity leave. 

67 20 "Move Over" Will Mackenzie Kathy Ann Stumpe March 15, 1999 9820
Ray tells Debra he's not sleeping well because of her being too close to him when they're sleeping. He cooks up a story about his granny to get out of touching Debra in a non-sexual way. When Debra learns the truth from Robert, she gets mad. Ray consults Father Hubley over this and he suggests being physically close during the day to avoid the closeness at night. Ally takes Robert to school for Show-and-Tell. 
68 21 "The Getaway" Steve Zuckerman Cindy Chupack April 5, 1999 9821
When Ray complains about the vacation plan, Debra asks him to pick up a place. They go to a BandB in Vermont. Amy and Debra go shopping and Debra confides in her that she feels that Ray finds her boring. When Marie moves-in for baby-sitting, Robert feels left out and wants to bay-sit instead. Ray then asks Robert, but Marie moves in anyway supervises in stealth. In the BandB there is no TV and a common bathroom. They clash a lot and end up having a fight in the bathroom. 
69 22 "Working Girl" Michael Zinberg Cindy Chupack & Kathy Ann Stumpe April 26, 1999 9823
Debra decides to go back to her PR job for part-time. She finds a job in Manhattan but gets fired on the very first day. Ray who has trouble looking after the kids is secretly happy. He then feels bad for Debra and tries to get her job back. 
70 23 "Be Nice" Steve Zuckerman Lew Schneider May 3, 1999 9822
Debra and Ray realize they are nicer to strangers than to each other. They decide to be nicer to their own families. But the situation gets awkward when they are just pretend-nice to avoid being honest. 
71 24 "Dancing with Debra" Brian K. Roberts Aaron Shure & Steve Skrovan May 10, 1999 9824
On Ray's suggestion, Robert takes Debra swing dancing and they start to love it. Ray becomes a little jealous and tries to break them up, but gets caught. 
72 25 "Robert Moves Back" Brian K. Roberts Lew Schneider & Aaron Shure May 17, 1999 9825
Robert and Amy get back together and spend a night together in Robert's apartment, but the whole building ends up seeing them from their window. Robert is too embarrassed and moves into Ray's basement. While spending another night with Amy, Marie walks-in on them. Semi-dressed Robert and Amy try to explain themselves when Frank, Debra and Ray also join them. 
73 26 "How They Met" Gary Halvorson Ray Romano & Philip Rosenthal May 24, 1999 9826
A flash back to when Ray and Debra first met. Ray is working as a Futon delivery guy and he brings her a futon. After fixing up a date with her, he accidentally sees her naked. Embarrassed, he cancels his date. Later she visits him and asks him over with a false complaint and then offers him food, making it their first official date. 

[edit]Season 4 (1999/2000)Edit

No. in


No. in


Title Directed by Written by Original airdate Prod. code
74 1 "Boob Job" Will Mackenzie Lew Schneider September 20, 1999 9901
After a PTA meeting Debra makes a comment about a mother who had a "boob job", to which Ray responds enthusiastically, upsetting Debra. When Ray returns home from a trip, an enhanced Debra surprises him. Robert, Marie and Frank are also shocked. After getting Ray to admit that he likes Debra better this way, she reveals that she just stuffed a pair of socks in her bra to trick him. 
75 2 "The Can Opener" Will Mackenzie Aaron Shure & Susan Van Allen September 27, 1999 9903
To fix his own dinner, Ray tries to open a tin of tuna with a new can opener Debra has bought. He spills tuna water and blames the can opener. This incident is shared by Debra and Ray with Robert and Marie respectively, but their viewpoints are radically different. 
76 3 "You Bet" Will Mackenzie Ellen Sandler & Steve Skrovan October 4, 1999 9902
After an accidental tip-off from Ray which allows him to win a bet, Frank hangs out a lot with Ray to get more insider information. The sudden generosity and affection creates a lot of suspicion. When the truth comes out, Ray is disappointed and sets up Frank to teach him a lesson. 
77 4 "Sex Talk" Will Mackenzie Todd Himmell & Lisa K. Nelson October 11, 1999 9904
Marie sees Debra reading a book to help her talk to Ally about sex. Marie then reveals that her and Frank's sex life has been almost dead for the past 20 years. Debra is shocked and tries to spice up her own sex life. When the guys talk about it, Frank mentions that his sex life is very healthy. Finally Debra and Ray confront Marie and Frank and realize that Marie was lying. 
78 5 "The Will" Will Mackenzie TeleplayJennifer Crittenden

StoryMichael Feldman and Jennifer Crittenden

October 18, 1999 9905
Upon drafting their wills, Ray and Debra must decide who would make the best guardians for their children. They choose Bernie and Linda, which offends the family. During dinner, when Debra and Ray try to ask Bernie and Linda, the family interrupts and makes them uncomfortable. Bernie and Linda refuse the offer because of their crazy family and Debra and Ray are forced to choose Marie and Frank. 
79 6 "The Sister" Will Mackenzie Kathy Ann Stumpe October 25, 1999 9906
Debra's sister Jennifer drops in for a visit. She announces that she is leaving her pot-smoking hippie nudist lifestyle to become a nun. The attitude of the entire family suddenly changes and Debra gets very upset. 
80 7 "Cousin Gerard" Will Mackenzie Jason Gelles & Mike Haukom November 8, 1999 9907
Ray's cousin Gerard tries to help him write a book, but ends up annoying the entire family. When Debra points out that Gerard is very similar to Ray, he tries to change Gerard. 
81 8 "Debra's Workout" Will Mackenzie Tom Caltabiano & Ray Romano & Mike Royce November 15, 1999 9908
Ray gets suspicious when Debra has more sex with him than she normally does. He discovers that her good mood is coinciding with her aerobics class, which is taught by a very handsome man. He goes to the class to investigate some more. 
82 9 "No Thanks" Will Mackenzie Tucker Cawley & Jeremy Stevens November 22, 1999 9909
Inspired by how well the Barones get along at a Thanksgiving dinner, Debra is intent on finding a way to improve her relationship with Marie. She tries to be extra nice and laughs at herself, but Marie finds it sarcastic and asks her to be honest about her feelings. 
83 10 "Left Back" Will Mackenzie Philip Rosenthal November 29, 1999 9910
While discussing the possibility of having to hold Michael back for another year of pre-school, Ray is shocked to discover that he too was left back at that age. The twins perform a comedy act in school. 
84 11 "The Christmas Picture" Will Mackenzie Lew Schneider December 13, 1999 9911
Ray decides to get a family picture taken for Marie's Christmas gift, which Debra doesn't like much. When she suggests spending Christmas Eve with her parents, Marie acts disappointed and Ray does not support her. To avenge this, she invites her parents into the family picture without informing Ray. This angers Marie and the whole picture is ruined. 
85 12 "What's with Robert?" Will Mackenzie Cindy Chupack January 10, 2000 9912
The family talks about how Robert is unable to keep a girlfriend and decide that he must be gay. Robert is shocked, Frank blames Marie for being smothering and Marie is too supportive. Robert starts doubting his own sexuality, but later decides that he is not gay after talking to Ray. 
86 13 "Bully on the Bus" Will Mackenzie Tucker Cawley January 17, 2000 9913
Ally says she is being bullied on the bus, and Ray is very concerned. Debra wants Ally to deal with it on her own, but Ray's family interferes. Ray rides on the bus with her and discovers that Ally is actually the bully, and the boy whom she complained about was actually defending the little girl that Ally was bullying. Debra and Ray then have a talk with her, and Ally promises to be good. 
87 14 "Prodigal Son" Will Mackenzie Steve Skrovan January 31, 2000 9914
Ray does not want to go to church, and his entire family is disappointed. When Ally makes a picture of him in hell, because of skipping church, he decides to start going to the church regularly to make his father happy. He then realizes that his dad is a usher who never really sits through the mass. 
88 15 "Robert's Rodeo" Will Mackenzie Jennifer Crittenden February 7, 2000 9915
In order to go Go-Carting with friends, Ray lies to Robert about having to work. Robert decides to work an extra shift with the police and gets gored by a bull while trying to shut down an illegal rodeo. Because of his injury he has to move back in with his parents. The guilt drives Ray to confess to Robert and help him with the bandages. 
89 16 "The Tenth Anniversary" Will Mackenzie Aaron Shure February 14, 2000 9916
On their 10th wedding anniversary, Debra wants to watch her wedding video and discovers that Ray has taped a football game over it. When Ray is unsuccessful in getting a copy, he decides to have a vows renewal ceremony and tape that for her. Debra wants Ray to arrange it, but Marie wants to help. In the ceremony, Ray forgets to write his new vows and also to tape the ceremony, but he remembers her favorite flower, Lily of the Valley
90 17 "Hackidu" Will Mackenzie Lew Schneider & Steve Skrovan February 21, 2000 9917

In a spoof of the Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh! crazes, Ally makes a Hackidu card trade (all of her cards for one Scramisaur card) which Ray does not agree with. He reverses the trade, only to find out that the Scramisaur card that Ally was getting is actually a very rare and an expensive one. Ally is devastated and to make it right, Ray tries to buy her a Scramisaur from Amy's eccentric brother (guest star Paul Reubens).

Continuity Errors: In this episode Amy's brother's name is Russell, who owns a snake and runs a comic book store in New Jersey. In the future episodes, Amy's brother's name is Peter (played by Chris Elliot) , who has a cat and lives in his parent's basement in Rural Pennsylvania. 

91 18 "Debra Makes Something Good" Will Mackenzie Kathy Ann Stumpe February 28, 2000 9918
Debra makes braciole, which Ray finds delicious. In spite of that he makes fun of it at work and Debra gets mad and dumps sauce all over his pants. Robert and Frank also love it and keep coming over to eat it. This makes Marie jealous and she confronts Debra. 
92 19 "Marie and Frank's New Friends" Steve Zuckerman Mike Royce March 20, 2000 9919
To get rid of Marie and Frank, Ray and Debra try to find them new friends, the Stipes, Robert's former landlords. After dinner at Marie's they come over to meet Ray, and interrupt a romantic moment. Ray initially tries to get rid of them, but starts entertaining when they show a lot of interest in him. When they visit again with their son, Debra wants to get out. The Stipes drop-in before they can escape, but Ray stays back. After many attempts to get him out, she finally gets annoyed and leaves alone. 
93 20 "Alone Time" Steve Zuckerman Jennifer Crittenden April 17, 2000 9920
When Ray barges in on Debra while she is bleaching her upper lip, she demands for some alone time. So Ray takes the kids to his parent's place to leave her alone. Curious about the alone time, Ray spies on her and catches her crying. He thinks that she is very sad with him and tries to talk to her. She explains that she likes to cry to let some of her emotions out. Later Ray tries the same. 
94 21 "Someone's Cranky" Steve Zuckerman Tucker Cawley May 1, 2000 9921
Still recuperating from his recent run-in with a bull, a cantankerous Robert is driving everyone crazy with his mean-spirited and nasty behavior. When he insults Debra on a birthday gift she gets angry with him. Confronting him about his anger she discovers some deeper issues he has with his parents. 
95 22 "Bad Moon Rising" David Lee Ray Romano & Philip Rosenthal May 8, 2000 9922
Debra has PMS. Trying to find a cure for her irritable and over-emotional behavior, Ray gets her some medicine. She denies that her behavior is not normal, and refuses to take the drugs. Ray tapes one of her rants to show her how mean she has been lately. Confronted with this, Debra gets abusive, hitting Ray and insulting him. She eventually explains that the answer to PMS is not medicine, it is compassion. 
96 23 "Confronting the Attacker" Brian K. Roberts Lew Schneider & Kathy Ann Stumpe May 15, 2000 9923
Robert and Amy get back together. After losing his nerve on the job during his first day back from medical leave, Robert decides to quit the police force and take up a telemarketing job. Ray takes him to a petting zoo to face his fear: the bull that hurt him. Finding the bull to be docile now that it is in a non-stressful environment, he talks to the bull and comes to terms with it. He then decides to go back to his job. 
97 24 "Robert's Divorce" Wil Shriner Tucker Cawley & Jennifer Crittenden & Steve Skrovan May 22, 2000 9924
While eating out, the Barones see Robert's ex-wife, Joanne, dining at another table, leading Ray to tell Amy the story of what led to Robert's divorce five years ago. In the flashback, Robert's wife Joanne is very mean to Robert and also to Debra and Ray when they visit. Finally when Robert asks her to behave, she asks for a divorce. Marie walks in at that time and throws her out of the house. After the flashback, Joanne comes over to the table and hands Robert her business card. He initially throws it away, but later takes it, indicating that he may be considering getting back with her. 

[edit]Season 5 (2000/01)Edit

No. in


No. in


Title Directed by Written by Original airdate Prod. code
98/99 1/2 "Italy" Gary Halvorson Philip Rosenthal October 2, 2000 0001

Marie has saved up some money and takes the whole family on a trip to Italy, where they stay with Marie's relatives. Marie, Debra, Frank and Ray follow the holiday plan made by Marie. Raymond is not enjoying himself because he has caught a cold from the airplane's air conditioning, and as a result he's always complaining and pessimistic, while Debra is constantly nagging him to get with the program and have a good time. Robert meets Stephania at an Italian Ice stand and is instantly smitten, experiencing what Frank calls "The Thunderbolt". He courts her during the entire trip, although Stephania's father does not approve. Finally Ray's cold clears up, and he manages to get some time away from Debra. As a result he starts to enjoy the trip. During the Barone's trip to Italy, Robert has developed feelings for a beautiful girl named Stephania. Stephania's father dislikes Robert, and orders him to stay away from her. Ray has finally gotten in the swing of the holiday, and gets romantic with Debra, giving her flowers, taking her for a bicycle ride around the island and, unfortunately, injuring her several times in his clumsy excitement about Italian life. When it comes time for Robert to say goodbye to Stephania, he tells her she can visit him in America sometime.

Note: This episode was filmed in the town of Anguillara Sabazia, 30 miles (48 km) from Rome. 

100 3 "The Wallpaper" Gary Halvorson Lew Schneider October 9, 2000 0003
Marie drives Frank's car backwards through Ray's front door, crushing the house. Debra is mad and insists that Frank pay to repair everything that was damaged, but Ray is not very supportive. When the new wallpaper doesn't exactly match the old paper, he seems to overreact. All the vent-up frustrations with his parents come out in the open by Ray, finally mad with his parents. 
101 4 "Meant to Be" Michael Zinberg Jennifer Crittenden & Kathy Ann Stumpe October 16, 2000 0004
Robert has been seeing his ex-wife Joanne, so now with her, Amy and Stephania, three women are interested in Robert. Ray and Frank tell him he has to choose. He decides that he and Amy are "meant to be" and tells her the same at dinner. To start an honest relationship, he confesses about Joanne. Amy gets mad and leaves. Back at home, she complains to Debra and Debra accidentally blurts out about Robert's relationship with Stephania. Amy breaks up with Robert and leaves. Robert then tries to patch-up with Joanne, but she is not interested in a serious relationship. They break-up too. He tries calling Amy to make up, but she repeatedly hangs up on him. In desperation he calls Stephania in Italy, but her father tells him to drop dead. 
102 5 "Pet Cemetery" Ken Levine Steve Skrovan October 23, 2000 0005
Ally's hamster, Pumpernickel, passes away due to Ray's carelessness (he accidentally placed the hamster io the ice-cream box, freezing him to death). Ray tries to fool Ally and replace him with a new hamster, but Ally quickly finds out the truth, and she is not interested in a new hamster. On Debra's suggestion, the family holds a funeral for Pumpernickel to cheer Ally up. 
103 6 "The Author" Andy Ackerman Mike Royce October 30, 2000 0006
Ray's dreams of writing a sports book get squashed when the publishing company takes a pass on it, just when Robert is promoted to lieutenant, which places the family into the dilemma about cheering Robert or comforting Ray. The brothers discuss their need for winning the never-ending competition between them, and getting in a fight. 
104 7 "The Walk to the Door" Asaad Kelada Tucker Cawley November 6, 2000 0007
When Ray learns that he will be seeing an old girlfriend, Elizabeth, at a wedding, he confesses to the family that he regrets that after their first date 25 years ago he did not walk her to her door. During the wedding reception he meets her and apologizes to her. She replies that she doesn't even remember the incident and laughs at the thought that he might have been waiting 25 years to tell her. In an effort to irritate Ray, Debra orders him to describe one regret he has in his relationship with her. At a loss, he steals one from Robert, but gets caught. Debra tells Ray that sometimes she regrets marrying him, but not all the time. Marie confesses that she set up the date Ray had with Elizabeth, and Ray realizes that it was a pity date, and that he was a pathetic loser back then. 
105 8 "Young Girl" Michael Zinberg Tom Caltabiano & Aaron Shure November 13, 2000 0008
Robert dates a 22 year old girl named Erica. Ray and Frank are excited to meet her, but Debra and Marie are annoyed. After a disastrous birthday party (Frank's), Ray, Debra, Robert and Erica go out for dinner. While Ray and Robert are away, Debra discovers that the girl is just 19. When Robert learns this he is shocked. Ray and Debra then find out that Robert had told her that he is 35, not 43, and that Ray is 37. They break up and the remaining three finish their meals. 
106 9 "Fighting In-Laws" Michael Zinberg Kathy Ann Stumpe November 20, 2000 0009
Debra's parents drop in for Thanksgiving dinner, on their way to a spa hotel in Baden-Baden, Germany. On Thanksgiving eve, late in the night, Ray goes downstairs into the kitchen and accidentally overhears that they are having marital troubles and they are on the way to counseling in New Jersey, even having to hide and sleep in the garage to avoid being seen. During dinner next day, the truth comes out into the open. 
107 10 "The Sneeze" Ken Levine Aaron Shure & Steve Skrovan November 27, 2000 0010
Ray is sneezed on in the airport rest room. He becomes obsessed with it and thinks he is getting sick. Marie pampers him and puts him to bed. Debra is annoyed by all the mothering and asks Ray to get up. Later the doctor calls to inform that Ray is actually sick. 
108 11 "Christmas Present" Gary Halvorson Kathy Ann Stumpe December 11, 2000 0011
Ray buys Debra an elaborate Christmas gift in the hope that she will be so impressed she will let him go on a weekend golf trip. It backfires when Debra gets him a better gift and willingly allows him to go to the golf trip. Ray then thinks that she has some ulterior motive and confronts her. He goes overboard and ends up losing the golfing trip and also gets stuck with all the household work. 
109 12 "What Good Are You?" Ken Levine Jennifer Crittenden January 8, 2001 0012
Debra starts to choke on a orange seed, but Ray does nothing. When she accuses him of being useless during emergencies, he talks to his mother. Marie agrees with Debra. Andy, Gianni and Robert make fun of him, so Ray tries to be too manly with Debra that evening, which turns out to be a bad evening. 
110 13 "Super Bowl" Gary Halvorson TeleplayRay Romano & Mike Royce

Story: Joe Bolster and Ray Romano & Mike Royce

January 29, 2001 0013
Ray gets two tickets to the Super Bowl and he chooses Gianni to go with him. Frank, Robert and Debra get very upset, each wanting to be his companion. In the hotel, Ray realizes that his colleagues have brought their wives and he arranges to have Debra flown in. When Debra realizes that he has no plans to spend time with her, she decides to leave. To please her, he cancels the entire plan and also throws away the Super Bowl tickets. Of course, this makes Debra even angrier, having bluffed to get the tickets. 
111 14 "Ray's Journal" Kenneth Shapiro Jennifer Crittenden February 5, 2001 0014
Ray discovers Marie read his diary during middle and high school, and Marie makes him feel guilty for writing the things he did in it for her own interests. Ray discovers that Robert kept two journals, placing a fake one in the place where she would easily find it to fool her. Ray apologize to Marie and edits out the entre saying: "I e-hat my mom". 
112 15 "Silent Partners" Gary Halvorson Tucker Cawley February 12, 2001 0015
After an uncomfortable meal at the restaurant, Ray and Debra discover they have nothing to say to each other anymore. They decide to take interest in each other's life. Debra starts watching sports with Ray and asks Ray to read a book with her. When Debra realizes that Ray did not read the book and is not interested in watching a game with her, she gets mad. 
113 16 "Fairies" Gary Halvorson Aaron Korsh February 19, 2001 0016
The twins play fairies in the school play and Frank tells Ray that this will make them gay. Ray is initially fine with the twins playing the parts, believing that the school assigned the roles, but objects when he realizes Debra specifically signed them up as fairies. He tries to change their part to boulders, but when he discovers that the twins actually want to be fairies, he gets their parts back and trains them. 
114 17 "Stephania Arrives" Gary Halvorson Tucker Cawley & Lew Schneider February 26, 2001 0017
Stephania (Alex Meneses), Robert's Italian girlfriend visits from Italy with her father. Robert initially likes it, but then realizes that she is annoying and breaks up with her. Stephania's father loves America and buys Nemo's to settle down in Long Island. After the break-up, to avoid Stephania's father's wrath, he lies to him that he is gay. 
115 18 "Humm Vac" Gary Halvorson Lew Schneider March 19, 2001 0018
Ray buys a new vacuum cleaner, which cleans well and makes Debra happy. When she realizes that Marie had sent over the salesgirl, Debra tries to find dirt in Marie's house. Debra then claims that Marie's obsessive cleaning and plastic covers on the furniture makes their house cold and the guests uncomfortable. Marie tries to loosen up, but after the guys make a mess, she returns to her normal behavior. 
116 19 "The Canister" Gary Halvorson David Regal April 9, 2001 0019
Marie asks Debra to return a canister she borrowed, but Debra says she already returned it. They argue and Debra eventually convinces Marie that she is wrong. Marie apologizes to Debra, which astonishes Ray. Debra feels good that she finally got through to Marie but soon learns that the canister was in fact never returned; the kids had it. She tries to sneak it into Marie's house, but gets caught. Frank takes the canister, lying that he hided it to save her. When Debra confronts him about this, he admits to her that she is like a daughter to him, and doesn't like Marie's behavior to her. He also recalls that she is always mad with him, proven right when Marie yells at him, finding the ham in the fridge eaten. 
117 20 "Net Worth" David Lee Jason Gelles & Mike Haukom April 23, 2001 0020
Debra becomes angry when, without her knowledge, Ray contributes $1,000 to his friends' scheme to open a go-cart business. When he says that it's his money to invest, Debra gets upset and makes a bill for the services she does at home. When Marie, Frank and Robert walk in, they have a huge debate over the worth of their contribution towards the house. While Frank and Marie are at Ray's side, Robert is, of course, at Debra's side. 
118 21 "Let's Fix Robert" Gary Halvorson Jennifer Crittenden & Mike Royce April 30, 2001 0021
When Robert hears that Stephania and Amy have met, he is shocked. Marie hears about it and calls a meeting of Stephania, Amy and Judy to find out what's wrong with Robert and then fix him. Robert is forced to attend. Robert, shocked with it, apologizes to them. Marie then points out that he is not usable anymore and he leaves to Ray's house. He points out the fight and Debra fights with him, telling him that he pictured a perfect woman in his mind and that he dumps every girl that is not pictured like that. Robert admits that Debra is perfect in front of her and Ray, creating an unconftorable situation. 
119 22 "Say Uncle" Kenneth Shapiro Aaron Shure May 7, 2001 0022
When Ray realizes that his kids would rather spend time with their Uncle Robert than with him, he decides to do take the kids to the zoo instead of letting Robert take them. When Robert objects, Ray tells him he should get his own life. Robert takes it badly and goes away. After Marie talks to Ray, he patches things up with Robert. 
120 23 "Separation" Asaad Kelada Philip Rosenthal May 14, 2001 0023
Lois arrives at Debra's house and announces that she and Warren are separated. Debra blames her mother for the separation. Ray is unable to understand why Debra is getting upset over something that was long coming, even smiling a bit in front of her, offending her deeply. Warren arrives at Debra's house on Ally's birthday to tell her that Lois is not at fault and it was all mutual, making her cry. 
121 24 "Frank Paints the House" David Lee Scott Buck May 21, 2001 0024
Frank paints Ray's house against his wishes, and enlists Robert and Ray to help. When Franks bosses them around and chooses a color Ray does not approve of, Ray fires him. Marie then explains that Frank was fired from his last job. Ray confronts Frank, and Frank loudly explains his reasons for making the decisions he had made about painting the house, stating that he shouldn't need to explain. Ray apologizes and brings him back, agreeing that Frank will be in charge. 
122 25 "Ally's Birth" Jerry Zaks Tucker Cawley May 21, 2001 0025
At a father/daughter dance, Ray remembers the day of Ally's birth. In the flashback, Debra realizes that she is pregnant and wants to be the first to tell Ray. Marie has her own plans, but Debra finally manages to win. After 9 months, when Debra is ready is give birth, she is fed up with Marie's constant intrusion. When her water breaks, she lies to Marie and just goes to the hospital with Ray and Robert. When they are stuck in traffic, Robert tries to deliver the baby, but it turns out to be a false alarm. Finally Ally is born in a hospital. 

[edit]Season 6 (2001/02)Edit

No. in


No. in


Title Directed by Written by Original airdate Prod. code
123 1 "The Angry Family" Gary Halvorson Philip Rosenthal September 24, 2001 0101
Michael writes a story for class titled "The Angry Family" which includes many family members who fight and yell at each other. Concerned about Michael's family life, his teacher and Father Hubley have a conference with all the Barones, all of whom blame each other for the disharmony. 
124 2 "No Roll" Jerry Zaks Aaron Shure October 1, 2001 0102
When Debra seems uninterested in sex, Ray tries to spice up things by getting a board game called "Sensualopolly", a very intimate game. His parents and Robert catch him. They make fun of him, but eventually Debra agrees to play with him at the evening. While playing she brings up some issues that Ray is not able to cope with. 
125 3 "Odd Man Out" Jerry Zaks Steve Skrovan & Jeremy Stevens October 8, 2001 0103
Frank becomes jealous when Marco spends a lot of time learning piano with Marie and not in the lodge with him. They start to argue and then later decide to let Marco decide who his friend is. Ray is not very supportive of Marie having a male friend, which angers Debra. During Marie's birthday party, Marco decides to be Frank's friend. Frank then offers Marco to Marie, and Marie refuses. They wind up arguing over who is to be "stuck" with Marco. 
126 4 "Ray's Ring" Kenneth Shapiro Mike Royce October 15, 2001 0104
In a motel during a road trip with Robert, Ray takes off his wedding ring because he likes to spin it. When Robert tries spinning it, it falls into a vent. Now ringless and seemingly available, Ray is hit on by a girl at the airport. Debra becomes jealous of this. She takes off her own ring and goes out shopping to make a point, but all does not go as planned, and she is offended that Ray is more hitten on by girls than she is with men. 
127 5 "Marie's Sculpture" Randy Suhr Jennifer Crittenden October 22, 2001 0105

Marie tries to find a new hobby, which is sculpturing. When Marie shows everyone the sculpture she has made, everyone is shocked by the sculpture, resembling a vagina, but they pretend that they are overjoyed by it. Marie is oblivious to this, and seeing how much Ray "likes" it, she gifts it to him. When Ray and Debra try to hide it, Marie is offended and decides to donate it to the nun's charity. The sisters make Marie realize what the sculpture resembles. Meanwhile, Frank is also oblivious with the meaning of the sculpture, and tries to find out what it resembles.

Note: In 2005, TV Land included this episode as part of its "100 Most Unexpected Moments in TV History", ranking it #62. 

128 6 "Frank Goes Downstairs" Gary Halvorson Jennifer Crittenden October 29, 2001 0106
Ray and Debra are hurt during rough sex play and Ray brags about it to his friends. When Robert talks about it in front of Frank, Ray lies to him that they fell down the stairs. Frank tries to fix the stairs and falls through to the basement, injuring him and placing him to the hospital. Ray feels guilty and tells him the truth while he is in the hospital. 
129 7 "Jealous Robert" Gary Halvorson Tom Caltabiano & Ray Romano November 5, 2001 0107
Marie and Debra set up Amy with Gianni to get Robert jealous so he'll want to get back together with Amy. But their plan backfires when Amy starts dating Gianni and eventually falls in love with him. When Robert decides to get back with Amy, due to his jealous feelings, Ray tells him the truth, which angers Robert. 
130 8 "It's Supposed to Be Fun" Gary Halvorson Lew Schneider November 12, 2001 0108
Ray pushes Geoffrey a bit too much at a basketball match, which is supposed to be just fun. Other parents complain about his attitude and when Geoffrey decides to quit because of Ray's comments, Ray decides to change. In the next match he goes overboard with the support, annoying everybody. 
131 9 "Older Women" Gary Halvorson Tucker Cawley & Philip Rosenthal November 19, 2001 0109
Debra's father brings an older woman to Thanksgiving dinner. When Ray says that "He only wanted someone different", it upsets Lois and makes Debra and Marie mad. They leave and Warren explains that an older woman makes him feel young and vibrant. Later Ray apologizes to Lois and calls her "Mom", making Debra happy and Marie insulted. 
132 10 "Raybert" Gary Halvorson Steve Skrovan November 26, 2001 0110
Robert pretends to be Ray in order to hook up with a girl, Natasha. When he mentions this to Ray, he gets all excited and they call their combo Raybert. They even try it on a girl at the laundromat. Robert later introduces Ray as Robert. When Natasha visits Ray's house to donate clothes for the police drive, thinking he is Robert, confusion arises and everything comes out in the open, causing her to break up with Robert. 
133 11 "The Kicker" Gary Halvorson Aaron Shure December 10, 2001 0111
While enjoying a college football game, Frank catches a football from a record-setting field goal and refuses to give it back to the kicker. When word of this gets back to the local sports community via a talk radio show, he becomes a wanted man among sports fans, even admitting that he is Ray's father (humilliating him in front of the community). The rest of the family devise a way to get the football away from Frank and back to its rightful owner, but Frank might be too crafty for them. 
134 12 "Season's Greetings" Jerry Zaks Tucker Cawley December 17, 2001 0112
When Marie writes a Christmas letter that shows Debra in a bad light, Debra blows her top and demands that Marie not send it. Marie says she has to send it because of the letter she received from her sister Theresa. Debra reads Theresa's letter and agrees that Theresa needs a smackdown, but suggests they write a new one together. When Ray, Robert and Frank read the letter they come up with, they have their own objections. In the end, each of them tear away the pieces of the letter which talk about them and walk away. 
135 13 "Tissues" Jerry Zaks Mike Royce January 7, 2002 0113
Ray objects to calling an exterminator to kill the ants in the kitchen. Debra decides that, because of the mess and in spite of Ray's objections, they are going to take the kids and go out to dinner, an event which turns out to be a disaster. Ray tells Debra that she ignores his suggestions and rejects his plans, that he constantly has to shut his mouth to keep the peace, and that she always gets her way in every decision. She replies that when she lets him make decisions he screws them up. After the fight Debra relents and decides to let him make some decisions. Later Ray goes grocery shopping and buys an organic spray to kill the ants and 10 boxes of tissues which everyone hates. When Debra goes upstairs he tries to make dinner. The tissues catch on fire, which spreads to the sprayed counter and ends up setting the entire kitchen on fire. 
136 14 "Snow Day" Gary Halvorson Kathy Ann Stumpe January 14, 2002 0114
Ray, Debra, Robert and Amy are stuck with Marie and Frank when a snowstorm blows in. They all have a great time dancing, until Debra says to Frank, "I can't believe I'm actually having a good time with you". He gets upset and walks away. When she tries to apologize, Marie points out that Debra thinks she is better than the Barones. She denies it, but Ray points out all the crazy things his family does. She finally, out of sheer frustration agrees with him, and goes to apologize to Frank. In the end, they all make up and dance. 
137 15 "Cookies" Gary Halvorson Steve Skrovan January 28, 2002 0115
The Frontier Girls hold a competition to sell cookies. Ray and the troop leader, Peggy, do not get along. Peggy assign's "Ally's Dad" to selling cookies in front of Petey's Mufflers, a dead spot. When Ray discovers that Peggy has swooped into his neighborhood and sold cookies to Marie and Frank, he sets up a table at her high-traffic spot in front of Marco's Pizza. They end up having a huge fight, in which Peggy beats him. Finally Debra saves him and Ray wins the beach chair by selling the most number of cookies. 
138 16 "Lucky Suit" Gary Halvorson Tucker Cawley February 4, 2002 0116
Robert gets an interview with the FBI and decides to wear his lucky suit. Marie ruins the suit while ironing and he wear another suits. During the interview Marie sends a fax to the interviewer explaining the suit situation. This embarrasses Robert and when he returns home he yells at Marie. He calls her a saboteur and asks her to stay out of his life. Marie, instead of doing this, then personally goes to the FBI office, where under interrogation she confesses that she interfered on purpose because she believes that Robert was going to retire and this new job scares her. When Robert learns of it, he forgives her. 
139 17 "The Skit" Gary Halvorson Lew Schneider February 25, 2002 0117
Ray and Debra write a skit for Lee and Stan's birthday party, in which they compare Stan and Lee's normal marriage to Marie and Frank's unusual one. They are a big hit at the party. Later, Marie and Frank imitate Debra and Ray, and they get offended. When Robert accuses them of being too sensitive and not able to take a joke, they pretend that they can. 
140 18 "The Breakup Tape" Jerry Zaks Tom Caltabiano & Aaron Shure March 4, 2002 0118
Debra finds a tape of Ray's, a message left from an old girlfriend of his: she dumped him over the phone. Debra is curious to know why Ray kept it all these years. They start discussing gifts from previous relationships and Debra points out all the items in the house that were gifts from her old boyfriends. Ray gets new substitutes and tries to throw all the old gifts away, including his own. 
141 19 "Talk to Your Daughter" Jerry Zaks Tucker Cawley & Ray Romano March 18, 2002 0119
Ray is finally able to talk with Ally about the "birds and the bees", but she tells him that she is not interested with it anymore, and then asks him about the meaning of life. Ray, totally unprepared, tries to talk with his family about the answer, with some unfortunate results. 
142 20 "A Vote for Debra" Jerry Zaks Lew Schneider & Steve Skrovan March 25, 2002 0120

Debra decides to run for school president. Ray isn't sure he can handle the kids by himself during all those meetings so he votes against her. When Debra finds out, she accuses him of being non-supportive and mentions that at the potluck dinner at school she was so ashamed of him she told people she did not know him. This upsets Ray, since denying he exists in no way resembles voting against her. Realizing that she is once again the worse partner in their marriage, Debra apologizes.

Notes: This episode came out ten days after the release of the computer animated film that Ray Romano was in, Ice Age

143 21 "Call Me Mom" Kenneth Shapiro George B. White III & Joe Rubin April 29, 2002 0121
Ray calls Debra's mother "Mom" in front of Marie, which offends her. Ray then convinces Debra to call Marie "Mom". When Debra does so, Marie is cold to her and asks not to do that. Debra is hurt and Ray confronts Marie. Finally Marie agrees to Debra calling her "Mom", but then this offends Lois. Everyone agrees to go back to calling each other what they had before, and which makes Marie and Lois very happy. 
144 22 "Mother's Day" Gary Halvorson Jennifer Crittenden May 6, 2002 0122

When Debra is struggling with the kids, Marie barges in with her friends for a knock-knock joke. Debra gets angry and yells at her. Marie takes an offense and gives Debra the silent treatment. After Ray talks to her, she gives Debra an apology that is very insulting, again placing Marie in front of Debra. She is insulted with this and they both give themselves the silent treatment. Mother's day arrives and both the mothers are at loggerheads. Meanwhile, Ray, Robert and Frank are confronted by both Debra and Marie to choose sides, placing them in the difficult positions.

Note: This is the beginning of a four part feud between Marie and Debra. 

145 23 "The Bigger Person" Gary Halvorson Tucker Cawley & Lew Schneider May 13, 2002 0123

The feud continues, but Ray and Frank discover that they can use this feud to their advantage. Robert is not too thrilled, and tries to patch things up by bringing his brother's and Frank’s scheme in open to place himself to his advantage. Nothing works and all are miserable again.

Note: This is the second part of the four part feud between Marie and Debra. 

146 24 "The First Time" Gary Halvorson Tom Caltabiano & Mike Royce & Ray Romano May 20, 2002 0124

When Debra turns down Ray for sex again, he makes her sign a pact for a nooner the next day. Marie and Debra are totally ignoring each other, and when Marie returns an old gift, Debra gets mad and tears up the pact. She points out that Ray is incapable of reading her mood and reminds him of the first time they were together. In the flashback, Debra invites Ray for a candle light dinner. Ray's friends think it's a invitation for sex. Marie eavesdrops and decides to ruin their evening by barging in with Frank, Robert, Father Hubley and a lasagne. When Debra realizes the situation, she asks Marie to be frank and open in the future. Remembering this event, Debra tries to patch things up with Marie, but Marie gets mad when she discovers that Ray and Debra had sex fifteen years ago, in spite of her interference, and doesn't take the apology back.

Note: This is the third part of the four part feud between Marie and Debra. 

[edit]Season 7 (2002/03)Edit

No. in


No. in


Title Directed by Written by Original airdate Prod. code
147 1 "The Cult" Kenneth Shapiro Philip Rosenthal & Tucker Cawley September 23, 2002 0201

Robert joins a strange self-help group to escape the tension coming from Marie and Debra's feud, but realizes that they are just using him to gain fame by way of his brother, Raymond. When Ray realizes that they can use this to bring Debra and Marie together, they stage a fake intervention for Robert, and with the help of Frank and Judy they bring Marie and Debra together.

Note: This is the last episode of the four part feud between Debra and Marie. 

148 2 "Counseling" Kenneth Shapiro Mike Royce September 23, 2002 0202

Bernie and Linda come over for dinner and during the meal they mention that they have been fighting a lot and recently started counseling. Ray and Debra realize that they have also been fighting and go to the therapist. Ray puts on a false front for her and Debra gets mad. Marie then decides to help and while talking Ray blurts out that he wants Debra to be like his mother. This sickens all and they leave.

Note: In this episode, Bernie and Linda are shown having a boy named Benjamin. This is repeated again in "The Annoying Kid". In the episode "The Will", they have a daughter named Madilyn. 

149 3 "Homework" Gary Halvorson Jeremy Stevens September 30, 2002 0203
Ray thinks Ally gets too much homework and complains to her teacher. She asks him to bring it up at the board meeting to review the syllabus. He keeps avoiding the work and Marie ends up filling in the evaluation forms. Ray then talks to the school board, but his bad grammar leads to them increasing the English homework. 
150 4 "Pet the Bunny" John Fortenberry Aaron Shure October 7, 2002 0204
Robert and Debra accidentally discover that Ray has written a eulogy for Frank. In it he mentions that he once saw Frank petting the bunny Ray had as a kid. The word spreads around and the lodge buddies make fun of Frank. He gets annoyed with Ray because this incident has spoiled his tough-guy image, which offends Ray. In a sub-plot, Marie asks Ray to write her eulogy too. 
151 5 "Who Am I?" John Fortenberry David Regal October 14, 2002 0205

When Ray finds spending time with his friends boring, he starts to question his life. Debra is overjoyed that he is finally growing up takes him to a lecture, where he falls asleep. Finally Frank takes him to his lodge steam room and Ray enjoys it. He then starts to behave like an old man. To revive his youth Debra kisses him passionately.

Note: Ray Romano and Phil Rosenthal's fathers make an appearance in this episode as Frank's lodge buddies. 

152 6 "Robert Needs Money" Michael Zinberg Tom Caltabiano October 21, 2002 0206
Ray and Debra give Robert a thousand dollars due to his complaints of poverty. When he uses the money for a vacation in Vegas, Ray gets angry and says that he is not his brother anymore. Robert gets offended that Ray's gift "came with rules attached". Ray then goes over to Robert's place to apologize. 
153 7 "The Sigh" Jerry Zaks Steve Skrovan November 4, 2002 0207
Ray and Debra are trying to use the bathroom sink at the same time, and Ray accidentally spits on her while brushing his teeth. Debra sighs, and it's loaded with meaning. To make her happy, he gives up the bathroom and uses the kid's bathroom. Debra re-decorates her whole bathroom. When Frank and Robert tease Ray, he says that he is still the king in the basement. When Debra starts using the basement, he complains. Debra gives back his bathroom. They have a huge fight and start spraying water on each other. 
154 8 "The Annoying Kid" Jerry Zaks Lew Schneider November 11, 2002 0208
Debra and Ray have some new friends over for dinner. They love the couple and the twins love their son, but Ray dislikes the son because he is annoying and keeps targeting Ray. Debra does not want to offend her new friends and asks Ray to put up with the boy. But when the couple casually mention that their son, Spencer, is better than the twins, Debra decides to not allow them to visit the house anymore, much to Ray's satisfaction. 
155 9 "She's the One" John Fortenberry Ray Romano & Philip Rosenthal November 18, 2002 0209
Robert thinks he has found his dream girl, until Ray witnesses her appetite....for flies. Robert doesn't believe that Ray saw her eat a fly – until he goes to her apartment, which is filled with frogs. He is shocked by her and escapes through the window. After confiding to his family what has happened about his relationship ending and admitting that Ray was right about her, he decides to give up dating and goes to a bar, where he accidentally spills the drink on a girl - who turns out to be Amy. 
156 10 "Marie's Vision" Sheldon Epps Jay Kogen November 25, 2002 0210
After getting glasses to correct her vision, Marie is able to notice the little flaws in everything, including the family's appearances, which leads to everyone becoming self-conscious of themselves and changing to make her stop criticizing. Raymond dyes his hair with shoe polish, Debra goes overboard with eye-liner and Robert gets Botox injections. When Marie realizes the truth she apologizes for her comments, but tells Frank that they have a loveless marriage. This prompts Frank to break the new glasses in front of her. She later apologizes to him too. 
157 11 "The Thought That Counts" Gary Halvorson Tucker Cawley December 9, 2002 0211
When Ray puts a lot of thought into his mom's birthday gift, Debra asks for a thoughtful gift too. When Ray can't figure it out, Robert gives him the perfect idea. He gives her the first edition of To Kill a Mockingbird, the book on which she did her thesis. She is very happy and Robert is jealous because Ray did not give him his due credit. Robert obsesses over it and tells Debra the truth. Amy then confronts him on the gift he got her (tickets to the Ice Capades), which was Marie's idea. The girls are furious with the boys and they are forced to go to the Ice Capades. 
158 12 "Grandpa Steals" Jerry Zaks Lew Schneider January 6, 2003 0212
Ally sees Frank "sample" some food at the store and when he's caught he gets in an argument with a worker. Ally then gets scared and refuses to talk to Frank. Frank then has a one-to-one conversation with Ally to sort out the issue. On Ally's suggestion Frank goes back to the store to apologize. 
159 13 "Somebody Hates Raymond" Jerry Zaks Steve Skrovan January 27, 2003 0213
Andy starts working for a DJ, Jerry Musso, who hates Ray. Ray obsesses over it, and to find out the reason Musso hates him, Ray goes to a party to meet him. Robert is happy to hear about it and follows him to the party to meet Jerry, but when Jerry insults Ray, Robert stands up for him. 
160 14 "Just a Formality" Gary Halvorson Philip Rosenthal & Steve Skrovan February 3, 2003 0214

Robert decides to propose to Amy and decides to ask Amy's parents for her hand in marriage. They refuse. He also discovers that Amy's brother Peter hates him. Even after this, he proposes to Amy and she agrees to marry him. For Amy, he goes to her parent's house again, this time with Ray, to talk to them again. He does not succeed. When Amy comes to know about this, she tells Robert that she does not care what her parents think, and she still wants to marry him.

Note: Ray Romano's brother makes an appearance in this episode as one of the officers who "arrest" Amy. This is also the first appearance of Amy’s parents. Previously, Amy’s brother appeared as Russell in the episode "Hackidu". 

161 15 "The Disciplinarian" Jerry Zaks Mike Royce February 10, 2003 0215
Debra is the only one who is disciplining the kids and Ray is too lenient. Debra asks Ray to take some responsibility and be a bit firm. Ray tries to get the twins to clean up the room and goes overboard with the punishment when they don't listen to him. The adults have a discussion on ways to discipline children and all learn a lesson after a few revelations. 
162 16 "Sweet Charity" Jerry Zaks Aaron Shure February 17, 2003 0216
For church charity, Debra signs Ray up to work at the hospital and she volunteers to work with the homeless. Initially Ray is apprehensive, but he starts to love the work. He becomes too popular and Debra gets a bit jealous. She plots a terrible plan to end Ray's popularity and to get her back in charge of the hospital. 
163 17 "Meeting the Parents" Jerry Zaks Mike Royce & Lew Schneider February 24, 2003 0217
Amy's mom and dad finally meet the Barone Family, when they show up unexpectedly and try to talk Amy out of marrying Robert. They don't get along, but Debra tries to help and fails. When she realizes that her parents want to take her back home, Amy locks herself up in a room. Finally, Ray sends them out to let them escape from the family. 
164 18 "The Plan" Jerry Zaks Tucker Cawley March 10, 2003 0218
Following Raymond and Frank's advice, Robert purposefully botches the wedding invitations in hopes of getting Amy to do all the preparations on her own. The wrong invitations are sent to people by accident and Amy finds out about the whole plan. The women confront the men and a lot of secrets come out. 
165 19 "Sleepover at Peggy's" Gary Halvorson Joe Rubin & George B. White III March 31, 2003 0219
Debra is sick so Ray has to drop Ally off at the home of his arch-enemy, Peggy. He helps her assemble a tent for the kids, and when Peggy pats his behind in appreciation, he starts to believe that Peggy like him. He escapes her house as quickly as he can but when Ally wants to return home, Ray is forced to go back. There he talks to Peggy and she clears up the issue. 
166 20 "Who's Next?" Gary Halvorson Teleplay: Steve Skrovan

Story: Miriam Trogdon

April 14, 2003 0220
When Marie's friend, Mrs. Caputo dies, Marie reveals that she had chosen Mrs. Caputo to be Frank's wife after her death. Frank says that he wants Harriet Lichmann instead. The idea of selecting an after-death mate confuses Debra, but later she chooses Linda Gruenfelder for Ray, which gets Ray to start fantasizing about Linda. Ray chooses Bernie Gruenfelder for Debra, but this bothers her and she gets upset because he isn't putting any thought into it (secretly didn't like the idea because Bernie is not attractive). Debra cancels dinner plans with Bernie and Linda the next day, lying because she has become jealous. Later, the Barones, Amy, Harriet Lichmann and the Gruenfelders all meet at Mrs. Caputo's wake, and wackiness ensues. 
167 21 "The Shower" Jerry Zaks Leslie Caveny April 28, 2003 0221
Debra gives a bridal shower for Amy but as usual Marie interferes. Annoyed, Debra drinks too much champagne. She is unable to drive, so she calls Ray and then naps in the car. A policeman finds her in the car and she gets arrested for DUI. Ray bails her out. Marie thinks that Debra has a drinking problem and overreacts. Debra's license is suspended and she gets stuck with Marie driving her around. During the hearing, Marie interferes again but this time it actually helps her get Debra's license back. 
168 22 "Baggage" Gary Halvorson Tucker Cawley May 5, 2003 0222
Ray and Debra go out for a weekend and, when they return, leave a suitcase on the stairs landing temporarily. Weeks pass, but they both behave passive-aggressively and ignore the luggage. Finally, to take the final revenge, Ray puts smelly cheese inside it, just before his road trip, to make Debra move it. Debra just removes the cheese and leaves the luggage. Marie then tells Debra the story of the ugly fork and spoon hanging in her kitchen. Finally Debra and Ray both want to take the luggage and end up fighting over that. 
169 23 "The Bachelor Party" Gary Halvorson Tom Caltabiano & Ray Romano & Mike Royce May 12, 2003 0223
Ray gives Robert a very low key bachelor party. When the women find out about it, they force him to do a better job. He then uses Frank's lodge to give him a surprise party. In the party, the banners are wrong, there is no alcohol and Gerard provides the music. In spite of the lameness of it all, Robert is overjoyed and enjoys the party. Hank and Peter attend the party. Peter then reveals that the women forced Ray to give this second party. Robert, though initially hurt, doesn't mind as Ray did something good for him. 
170/171 24/25 "Robert's Wedding" Jerry Zaks Philip Rosenthal May 19, 2003 0224
Robert and Amy are finally getting married. The Barones drive down to Pennsylvania for the wedding. At the wedding hall, Robert hides in the bathroom, nervous. The priest is missing, and Ray thinks that it's all Peter's fault. Frank is upset that the bar is not an open bar. Finally everything falls into place and Robert and Amy finally make it to the alter. Just before the "I Do's", Marie interrupts with an objection. Robert and Amy are shocked, and when Amy asks Debra about it, Debra admits that "this is just the beginning". Finally they do get married. At the reception, Marie complains about the food. Ray gives a nice Best Man speech and helps everyone to forget everything that went wrong. Robert and Amy have chosen a very peculiar song and dance routine. 

[edit]Season 8 (2003/04)Edit

No. in


No. in


Title Directed by Written by Original air date Prod. Code
172 1 "Fun with Debra" Gary Halvorson Mike Scully September 22, 2003 0801

When Ray has a nice time with the twins at the golf course, Debra decides to go with him too. Initially they have a lot of fun, with Debra complimenting Ray and Ray teaching Debra, having a good time with him. As the day progresses, they start fighting about golfing and Debra finally admits that she hates golfing.

Note: Robert is on honeymoon with Amy, This is the only episode that Brad Garrett (Robert) does not appear in, in the entire show. 

173 2 "Thank You Notes" Kenneth Shapiro Philip Rosenthal September 29, 2003 0802
Robert and Amy are back from the honeymoon, and Marie tries to guilt Amy into writing thank you notes. When Amy answers back and Marie leaves, fuming. Debra takes this as an opportunity to team with her and sideline Marie altogether, but Ray and Robert are too afraid of Marie to team up with them. Marie hears about this and puts an end to it, turning Amy against Debra. 
174 3 "Home From School" Kenneth Shapiro Steve Skrovan October 6, 2003 0803
When Michael stays home from school for two days in a row for no obvious reason, Ray makes Michael spend the day without television, games or comics to teach him a lesson. This leads him to confide why he doesn't want to return to class: he was teased for accidentally calling the teacher "Mommy" and crying about it. Ray then tells him an embarrassing story from his school days, which makes him return to school. 
175 4 "Misery Loves Company" Gary Halvorson Aaron Shure October 13, 2003 0804
Debra and Ray are annoyed at the over-the-top affection Robert and Amy express. Robert and Amy then give Ray marriage advice and Debra a book about it. This ticks off Ray and Debra and they make a scene at the dinner table. Marie then gives them both some sound marriage advice. 
176 5 "The Contractor" Gary Halvorson Mike Royce October 20, 2003 0805
Debra persuades Ray to hire Gianni to do some remodeling in their kitchen, but they both soon regret it due to their friend's laziness. He gets a stove that does not fit, so Debra decides to fire him. When Gianni gives them a huge bill, Ray gets mad. Frank is upset about hiring outside help and decides not to talk to Ray. Debra also recommends Gianni to Amy and Robert also gets mad at him because of the laziness. 
177 6 "Peter on the Couch" Gary Halvorson Steven James Meyer November 3, 2003 0806
Amy's brother Peter visits Amy and just stays back. This makes Robert very uncomfortable and he convinces him to move back. Ray drives him back, and they discover that Hank and Pat have thrown away Peter's stuff and made a prayer room. Peter then returns to Long Island and Robert finds a apartment to him to live, finally getting along with Peter. 
178 7 "Liars" Kenneth Shapiro Tucker Cawley November 10, 2003 0807
Ray fakes a headache to get out of spending time with Marie and lies to her about it. This lie leads to a series of lies from Ray and Debra which leads to a huge mess. Marie finally cracks it, and then the lies of Robert and Amy and also Marie come out in the open. 
179 8 "The Surprise Party" Jerry Zaks Lew Schneider November 17, 2003 0808
Debra's mother suggests throwing Debra an "old-fashioned English tea party" for her birthday with Ray's help. When Debra discovers that Ray has some plan, she insists on a Chinese banquet instead. Ray lies to Lois and gets her to plan a Chinese party. During the party, Ray blurts out that Debra knows about the surprise and that the theme was her idea. When Debra walks in and acts surprised, she makes a fool of herself. 
180 9 "The Bird" Kenneth Shapiro Tucker Cawley & Mike Royce & Jeremy Stevens November 24, 2003 0809
At Thanksgiving at the McDougalls', Pat puts an injured bird out of its misery, much to everyone's despair. Soon, the families take sides during the live-action pageant of the First Thanksgiving. 
181 10 "Jazz Records" Gary Halvorson Tom Caltabiano December 15, 2003 0810
Thirty years ago, the furnace melted Frank’s favorite jazz records on Christmas, and Frank has never forgiven Ray for it. Ray attempts to make it up to him by buying him CDs of the same records, which Frank does not appreciate. Robert and Amy then find some old jazz records at the garage sales and Robert finally confesses that he was the one who melted the records. 
182 11 "Debra at the Lodge" Gary Halvorson Lew Schneider January 5, 2004 0811
Debra accepts a position at Frank's lodge to help plan a member recruitment party, and quickly becomes very popular with the lodge brothers. Ray is upset about all the time Debra is spending away from home-and surprisingly, so is Frank, who dislikes his friends' treatment of his daughter-in-law. Marie and the wives of the lodgers are also upset about it, since they have bigger self-esteem, and in the end, even the lodgers are annoyed with Debra, forcing Ray to tell her the truth. 
183 12 "Slave" Jerry Zaks Leslie Caveny January 12, 2004 0812
Debra and Ray accidentally leave Michael and Geoffrey home alone when they go to the grocery store. When they get home, they are surprised to find that Ally took over, cooking them breakfast and doing laundry. Debra quickly gets used to the idea of having Ally as her helper, but Marie accuses her of "enslaving" her granddaughter. 
184 13 "Whose Side Are You On?" Kenneth Shapiro Mike Royce February 2, 2004 0813
After realizing that Debra places bets with the kids on his questionable behaviour traits, Ray is disgusted that his own children now think he's a "doof". He objects to the fact in Robert and Marie's presence. Their comments on it make Ray realize that Marie did the same with them in their childhood. Ray and Robert then try to bond with Frank. 
185 14 "Lateness" Jerry Zaks Steve Skrovan February 9, 2004 0814
Fed up with his wife's constant lateness, Ray makes a deal with Debra on ESPY awards night. Debra keeps up her end of the deal, but in the end, a curling iron gets stuck to her hair and she comes out to ask for Ray's help. She then realizes that she was a minute late and Ray has driven off without her. Ray finally realizes his mistakes and comes home to find Debra in her formal dress with the curling iron still stuck to her hair. 
186 15 "Party Dress" Kenneth Shapiro Mike Scully February 16, 2004 0815
Ray and Debra disagree over whether they should purchase an expensive dress for Ally to wear to a friend's formal 13th birthday party, which costs $250. When all the other family members agree with Ray, Debra gives in. When Ally refuses to go the party, Ray buys her the dress. 
187 16 "Security" Gary Halvorson Tucker Cawley February 23, 2004 0816

After Robert takes a second job selling home security systems, he reveals he's been asked to join the security firm full-time. He is unable to decide whether he should quit the police force. He asks everyone for his or her opinion. Frank, Hank, Debra and Amy want him to continue as a cop, but Marie and Pat wants him to quit. Finally Ray decides to interfere and convinces Robert in the basement to make his own opinion, and Robert decides to stay in the police force. Marie, who has been eavesdropping to the basement, starts to slowly walk to Ray in a rage.

Note: In this episode Robert says that he has been a cop for 27 years. Although, in the episode "Lucky Suit", Marie mentions that Robert has been a cop for 19 years. 

188 17 "The Ingrate" Gary Halvorson Aaron Shure March 1, 2004 0817
Ray hurts Debra's feeling when he forgets to thank her during an acceptance speech for an honorary degree. To make up for it, he thanks her in his column. This angers Marie and Robert. The entire family starts yelling at Ray and asks for credit in his life. He finally gives them all a sarcastic thank you, which they seem to like. 
189 18 "Crazy Chin" Gary Halvorson Teleplay: Tom Caltabiano & Mike Royce

Story: Adam Lorenzo

March 22, 2004 0818
The MacDougalls notice that Robert touches food to his chin when he eats. Amy thinks it is a response to stress and tries to help out. Robert dislikes the fact that everyone considers him a "freak". Ray, Frank and Marie all recall when Robert first started doing the "chin thing", prompting Debra to piece together a solution for his habit. 
190 19 "The Nice Talk" Brian K. Roberts Steve Skrovan & Aaron Shure April 19, 2004 0819
The MacDougalls and the Barones attempt to bond over a 500-piece puzzle during easter, but only Ray and Pat stay up to do it. While they work, they share private stories about themselves and their families. Soon, everyone is talking about their "weird" friendship. Ray tries to defend his sweet relationship with her only to realize that she is nice to everyone. 
191 20 "Blabbermouths" Gary Halvorson Teleplay: Leslie Caveny & Jeremy Stevens & Mike Scully

Story: Susan Van Allen

May 3, 2004 0820
Debra shares Ray's "choo choo gone" dream with the girls, and Amy tells Robert. The guys make fun of Ray for dreaming about a train and he tells them that he was dreaming about a girl whose nickname was "Choo Choo." They then start talking about their wives. This snowballs into a lot of gossip and all their feelings get hurt. 
192 21 "The Model" Gary Halvorson Leslie Caveny May 10, 2004 0821
A modelling agent convinces Robert to pose for headshots with their "in-house" photographer. But when they later return to collect them, the agent has disappeared with Robert's $2000. Ray then photographs Robert to fool the family, which turn out to be very bad. He is then forced to tell the truth, but Robert uses his police role to find and arrest the agent. 
193 22 "The Mentor" Gary Halvorson Tod Himmel May 17, 2004 0822
A young man, Sam, arrives at Frank's house and everyone is surprised when they fondly embrace. He explains Frank had been like a mentor to him. His sons scoff, claiming that gruff Frank cannot possibly be warm and kind, which hurts Frank's feelings. They then realize that Frank was rude to him too, but Sam actually liked that
194 23 "Golf for It" Gary Halvorson Tom Caltabiano & Tucker Cawley & Mike Royce May 24, 2004 0823
Marie tries to guilt Robert and Ray into helping her with a shelf-building project. The brothers band together to resist her, and go to get a prime spot on a golf course. While there, they engage in a long battle over who will take care of Marie when she becomes too old to live alone. They decide to golf for it. Finally the boys makes Marie her shelf and Ray informs Debra that he won at golf and Marie is going to live with them after Frank dies. 

[edit]Season 9 (2004/05)Edit

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Title Directed by Written by Original airdate Prod. code
195 1 "The Home" Kenneth Shapiro Tucker Cawley & Jeremy Stevens September 20, 2004 0401
Frank and Marie return from a trip down to a retirement home in New Jersey. Ray, Robert, Debra and Amy are all thrilled by the possibility of the two leaving, but when Frank and Marie actually move, there is a strange sadness in the air. Robert and Amy get Marie and Frank's house for $26.000. 
196 2 "Not So Fast" Gary Halvorson Philip Rosenthal & Mike Royce September 27, 2004 0402
When Ray and Debra visit Frank and Marie's condo, they learn that the owners are going to kick them out due to their annoying behavior. Robert and Amy are now forced to live with Marie and Frank when they return to their house. 
197 3 "Angry Sex" Kenneth Shapiro Ray Romano & Lew Schneider & Mike Scully October 4, 2004 0403
When Debra and Marie have a big fight, Ray is struck with worry when he thinks Debra's anger will cause her to forget about their sex that night. Much to his surprise, he finds that this "angry sex" is better than ever, and goes to great lengths to keep the feud between his wife and mother going, making Debra's rage grow more. 
198 4 "P.T. & A." Kenneth Shapiro Tom Caltabiano October 11, 2004 0404
After being chided for wearing a shoddy shirt and getting stains on it, Ray lies and tells Debra that members of the PTA called her outfit "trampy." Debra plans to "get back" at the women by hosting a PTA meeting in her home and dressing as provocatively as possible. When Ray finally admits that he lied, Debra gets humiliated at the PTA meeting, and then gets mad at Ray. 
199 5 "Ally's F" Kenneth Shapiro Steve Skrovan October 18, 2004 0405
After Ally comes home with an "F" on her report card, Debra feels she is not paying enough attention, so she and Ray visit her math teacher. Debra sides with the teacher and grounds Ally. She later discovers that Ally's crush on one of her classmates is causing the distraction. She then has a heart-to heart with Ally about this. 
200 6 "Boys' Therapy" Kenneth Shapiro Philip Rosenthal November 15, 2004 0406
The women pressure Ray and Frank to accompany Robert to one of his therapy sessions. Instead, the men go to the tracks and it isn't long before the wives figure out their lie and as punishment, Debra doesn't let Ray touch her at bed, Marie makes no dinner for Frank and Amy is simply disappointed in Robert. The irony is that the men actually talked and communicated at the track more than they would have in therapy. 
201 7 "Debra's Parents" Gary Halvorson Leslie Caveny November 22, 2004 0407
Debra invites her divorced parents, Warren and Lois, to the family Thanksgiving. Ray walks in on then having sex. Debra thinks that they are getting back together and becomes very happy. But to her disappointment, they reveal that they were still divorced and they were just having some fun. Things get bad on the Thanksgiving day, when Debra walks in on them, and in a fit of rage, starts yelling at them. It turns worse when Amy's parents barge in while they are naked in the hallway, and Ray makes into a catastrophe when he lies that is a part of a strange comedy show, making them leave. 
202 8 "A Job for Robert" Gary Halvorson Steven James Meyer November 29, 2004 0408
Marie is extra nice to Robert and Amy. Robert is happy until he discovers that Marie has been trying to manipulate him and Amy into having children (buying him candles, loose underwear and playing romantic music in their bedroom). Ray becomes jealous when Marie starts treating Robert better than she treats Ray. Marie then talks to Robert and explains her good intentions and says that he was always her favorite son, which no-one believes. Robert doesn't believe it either, but pretends to in order to continue the good treatment for awhile. 
203 9 "A Date for Peter" Brian K. Roberts Mike Royce January 3, 2005 0409
Amy's parents ask Ray to give their son, Peter, some encouragement about his failing dating life. Ray arranges for a singles party for Peter and invites a few girls over. Debra invites Peggy, which angers Ray. He tries to push Stefania on Peter when he realizes that Peter is getting along well with Peggy. Finally Peter starts dating Peggy, much to Ray's dismay. 
204 10 "Favors" Gary Halvorson Aaron Shure January 17, 2005 0410
Debra complains to Ray about leaving things around the house and accidentally throws out a letter Ray got from Muhammad Ali. To save her from Ray's wrath, Marie takes the blame for the letter and as a return favor she blames Debra for throwing away Frank's old clothes. Debra confesses to Frank and she is forced to cover for Frank when he digs up Marie's rose bush. She gives up and tells Ray the truth. Marie then tells Debra that she bought Debra's birthday gift, because he forgot it. Marie's method of using favors to control them comes out in the open, but Marie tries to save herself by pretending to be sick and weak. 
205 11 "Faux Pas" Gary Halvorson Lew Schneider February 7, 2005 0411
Ray accidentally insults the twins' new friend at a basketball game by making a joke about his father's profession. To rectify it he invites his friend's father and tries to apologize, but ends up insulting him more. His family walks in and it worsens the situation. Debra tries to rectify the situation, but makes it even worse with the biggest faux pas. 
206 12 "Tasteless Frank" Gary Halvorson Leslie Caveny and Steve Skrovan February 14, 2005 0412
Frank adds salt to Marie's lasagna one night. Marie becomes hysterically depressed, as her cooking has always been her strongest point. Ray and Robert soon discover that Frank has lost his sense of taste due to medicine he has been secretly taking to help his "foot", but when Frank calls Debra's cooking good, Marie freaks out. The word goes around and finally Marie finds out the real reason. She then tells him that she would rather have his taste back rather than a "good foot". 
207 13 "Sister-in-Law" Gary Halvorson Tucker Cawley & Mike Royce & Tim Peach & Frank Pines April 18, 2005 0413
Ray tells Robert that Amy talks too much after she chats with Ray for over an hour while he tries to watch a basketball game on TV. Later that night, Robert tries to get Amy to talk less and tells her about Ray's comment. She then gets mad at Robert. At the party Amy apologizes to Ray, but Robert and Debra complain. Accidentally, Ray calls Amy annoying and she walks away, upset. When Ray goes to apologize, she calls Ray boring. Finally, they make-up. 
208 14 "The Power of No" Andy Ackerman Tucker Cawley & Aaron Shure May 2, 2005 0414
To gain power over Debra, Ray keeps turning down Debra for sex. She keeps doing nice things to make him happy because she thinks that Ray doesn't find her attractive anymore. When Debra finds out the truth, she returns the favour and they get into an ego battle over it, making a bet how much he would survive without sex. After 27 lousy nights, Ray finally gives up and admits defeat to have sex with her, but the kids arrive and Debra is forced to take care of them, much to Ray's dismay. 
209 15 "Pat's Secret" Gary Halvorson Tucker Cawley May 9, 2005 0415
Robert discovers Pat smoking, but promises not to tell, but this turns out bad when Marie catches him, and tells the whole family. The next day, his father-in-law accuses him of smoking, and starts lecturing him. Ray defends Robert by blabbing Pat's secret, and soon, everyone starts talking about the odd ways that they deal with stress. 
210 16 "The Finale" Gary Halvorson Philip Rosenthal, Ray Romano, Tucker Cawley, Lew Schneider, Steve Skrovan, Jeremy Stevens, Mike Royce, Aaron Shure, Tom Caltabiano, Leslie Caveny May 16, 2005 0416
Ray fears getting his adenoids removed, but Debra convinces him to go through with the surgery. In the waiting room, where the family is, Marie goes to the bathroom briefly. A nurse comes out with bad news, saying they're having trouble waking up Ray. 30 seconds later, a doctor comes out, saying Ray has finally woke up. Later on, whilst Marie and Frank are in bed together, Frank tells Marie what happened, while she was in the bathroom. Later on, everyone is in Ray & Debra's room, as at that time, he also finds out what happened as he didn't know what happened to him. Towards the end of the episode, everybody comes over for breakfast. Then the show slowly fades to black, ending the seri


Guest StarsEdit

Many people have Guest-starred on "Everybody Loves Raymond." Here are a few:

Andy Kindler  plays "Andy," Ray's fellow sportswriter and friend.                     

Doug Heffernan  plays Ray's other friend and Golf buddy.

Jon Manfrellotti plays Gianni, who is a friend of Ray's.

Len Lesser plays Garvin, a member of the Caribou Lodge , and friend of Frank.